Ever wondered about all the different styles of dresses available, and which one will be the best suited for your body type, or the party event you go to! Whether it’s your formal / prom night, a wedding, evening party or birthday party, you always need that special dress to make you stand out. Well, you’ll find a massive variety of party dresses at Vivid Dresses and other designer boutiques throughout Melbourne, some of which are described below. Let’s have a look and see what will you be buying next!


Jumpsuits look stylish, sexy, trendy, and above all these are easy-to-go types in any season of the year. These are available in a range of fabrics, so pick up your desired one and roam around with comfort and class.

 Tube Dress

Sleeveless, strapless and flawlessly fitted, a tube dress defines a woman’s body as a sleek and curvy tube. Looks great on the hourglass and pear-shaped body types. To feel comfortable, wear a good bodysuit underneath.

Sheath Dress

A perfect pick for formal office routine. Sheath dress is usually knee-length long, and is plain, without any embellishments or prints. Pain this classic dress with a blazer and pumps for work hours at the office, while in the evening or pair it with strappy sandals and a stunning piece of necklace, and you are good to go.

Pencil Dress

Just like a pencil, sleek, straight and narrow; pencil dress particularly enhances the slim and toned body’s curvature. You can wear it at cocktail parties, formal dates, or interviews.

Trench Dress

Trench dresses, as the name indicates are just like trench coats but with a light fabric. With huge belt and prominent buttons, these dresses properly enhance the body structure of women with banana-shaped body type.

Bodycon Dress

Depicting the curvature of the body perfectly, this body-hugging dress type is particularly and strictly suitable for women with hourglass body type. A bodycon dress gives a tight fit to the bottoms especially bust and hips.

Maxi Dress

An all-time favourite choice for height girls. A long maxi dress looks breathtakingly gorgeous and extremely comfortable to wear. This one is suited to any body type.

Tunic Dress

Simple yet attractive, a tunic dress in a nude shade is a perfect pick for a casual hang out with friends. Tunic dress fits in perfectly with any body shape and is surely a subtle choice on lazy days when you aren’t in the mood of dressing up.

Pop over Dress

With a popping out the top, made with silky and flared fabric, and a fitted short bottom. The popover dress gives a modern and classy look. You can wear it only weddings or any formal gatherings.

Fit and Flare Dress

The classy fit and flare dress can never go out of style. Well fitted at the waist and flashy flare downwards, this type of dress is all set to give a curvy stature to a perfectly toned body.

Tee-Shirt Dress

For a casual and comfortable yet modish and stylish look in the hot summer season, a tee shirt dress is the most enjoyable choice. These dresses are a bit lengthier than tees, and a little loose. Pair it up with jeans, tights or leggings, anything will look awesome.

Backless Dress

For a bolder look that attracts every eye, a backless dress is surely a perfect choice. With a backless dress, you can send steaming hot vibes on so many different occasions such as disco nights, dates or wedding parties.

Kaftan Dress

Stitched really differently, a kaftan styled dress is flared and flowy from top to bottom. You can pair it up with any sort of bottoms. Kaftan dress is the best suited for lazy hangouts.

girl in Layered Dress

Layered Dress

Having an extra light, silky and flairy fabric layer over the main dress, a layered dress gives volume to a sleek both and add in splendour and aura, while making an elegant statement. This is a must-have for slim, sleek and petite women.

Off Shoulder Dress

Revealing a little bit of your skin while maintaining the elegance and sophistication, an off shoulder dress flawlessly depicts the flaunting beauty bones.

Denim Dress

For a Chic and Modish, yet subtle and attractive look, a denim crafted dress is the most appropriate choice. Without any shimmering embellishments, a denim dress seamlessly portrays the innate style of your personality.

Slit Dress

For a sexy, revealing and hot look, there is nothing better than wearing a slit dress. The slit can be on both sides, or in front, revealing both legs or just one.

Wrap Dress

Wrapping around the curves of your body while maintaining a modest look, this type of dress is a great pick for evening parties, Sunday picnics or a family get together.

Empire Waist Dress

A sure pick for apple or pear-shaped body type, an empire dress is a combination of fitting and flare. Usually available in light fabrics such as silk or satin, this dress fits at the bust and comes down with a flare.

Sweater Dress

A body-hugging sweater dress is super comfortable and looks immensely stylish. Made with the stretchable fabric and knitted just like sweaters, you can wear it casually on any day.


Much desire and loved type of women clothing are “gowns”. A simple, unadorned, and plain, single coloured gown can be worn on so many different occasions, just by accessorizing it differently. It’s a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

Lace Dress

High in demand this season. A perfectly fit lace dress enhances all the curves of your body, and looks gorgeous on prom nights, at discos, pubs or a fun night out with friends.

Peplum Dress

With a classy frilled ruffle at the waist and a short skirt that is few inches above the knee, the peplum dress is an absolute choice for women who have gained some unwanted inches around the waist. You can wear it informal dinner parties or at offices.

Skater Dress

Highlighting your waist with a fitted shape and a frilly frock below the waistline, a short skater dress looks beautiful on pear slim and apple shaped body types.