You got engaged! Many Congratulations. Well, now that you are head over heels immersed with the feeling of love and happiness for your loved one, and waiting for the most awaited day of the big day to come, there is a lot to plan, and do. The most important thing for any girl is surely her looks. And when it comes to a perfect bridal look, then the stunning wedding dress is a must have. Undoubtedly, the dress gives a bridal appearance to the girl, but to make dress look overwhelmingly attractive and stunningly appealing, beautifully sparkling wedding jewellery does the magic. If you have chosen your wedding dress, then the next thing to decide is the wedding jewellery. There are numerous things that you must consider while choosing jewellery for your big day, as this moment will last forever, and you surely don’t want to let go any tiny detail.

One of the most important things to look into is your style, your favourite colour, and how you have pictured yourself for your big day! If you are wondering about how to be in your best look ever and confused about the jewellery items including earrings, bracelets, crowns or tiaras, wedding headpieces and everything else, then don’t worry at all. Consider following different tips, and you’ll rock on your wedding day for sure.

  • Choose Your Jewellery as per the Style of the Dress (Specially Neckline)

When it comes to styles of the wedding dresses, the list is endless. Whichever style you have picked up for yourself, the neckline of that gown plays the most important part of choosing the type of jewellery that will enhance the overall beauty and styling of that dress on your body.

There are certain wedding gowns’ styles with which any kind of jewellery looks stunning and perfect. For example, if your dress is strapless or a sweetheart wedding dress, any jewellery will look gorgeous with it. You can easily give a boost to the original beauty of that dress by just pairing it up with a simple pendant or with a sparkling piece. With the dress having a wider neckline in case of boat neck or a wide V shaped dress, any jewellery item is good to go. After investigating and researching bridal jewellery by Stephanie Browne,  I conclude few tips to help you choose the best jewellery for your wedding.

  • Color of the Gown

Not only dress form, but dress colour also plays a huge part in picking up the perfectly suitable jewellery. Where most of the wedding dresses are white, but with a keen look, you’ll see that there are different shades of whites. If the dress is loaded with sparkling silver beadings and the colour is pure white, then pick up jewellery with fresh colour tones with silver plating. While with cream coloured dress jewellery with gold plating looks amazing.

  • Hairstyle for the Wedding day

It’s all about the complete look. And that includes your hairstyle too. The statement Earrings are an excellent choice for the Up-dos. Not only statement earrings, but the studs and drops also go amazingly well with the buns. While with the down-dos subtle stud earrings along with a statement necklace will gorgeously complete the whole look. Some brides prefer not to wear any neckpiece. That’s fine. Just pick up a bit longer earrings that will shine out your face completely.

To finish the look, accessorise your hair with sparkling pins. Or give a princess’ bride look with the help of a tiara or a crown, studded with dazzlingly shining gems. The tiaras never get old and will boost up your whole look.

  • The Bracelets

If you are wearing long sleeves, gown then accessorise your hands with rings. Other than that, some elegant looking, simple, and delicately designed bracelets never go out of fashion. Finish your wedding jewellery shopping with a subtle, gorgeous looking bracelet. It’s better to pick up a delicate and elegant looking bracelet than purchasing something huge and expensive.

Other than these Dress Up Tips, Just Follow following simple rules,

  • Be Focused, Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

When you have finally chosen your wedding dress, and moving forward to pick the jewellery, you’ll see that choosing jewellery is way harder than finding the dress. You’ll see numerous designs, styles, types, materials, and detail of a single thing. With that, don’t get confused and get overwhelmed. Be focused on your gown’s style. Just pick up one thing that will look best with your wedding dress, make it look more attractive, and have that. In the end, if you are still not satisfied with your picks, then the easiest solution is to wear pearls. Pearls never get old, and always look chic, classy, and beautifully elegant.

  • “Less is More”, Be it Simple

The most important thing to consider while getting everything done is to keep everything simple. Overdoing things will complicate, mess up and can ruin your look. All the wedding jewellery looks sparkling, glistening and gorgeous, but don’t get confused, or try to pick up more than what you need. Accessorize yourself wisely, looking what part of your body needs to outshine, rather than taking a piece of jewel for every part.

  • Be Yourself

Out of everything, being yourself, owning your style and giving importance to your own choice is the best thing that you must do to have a rocking look on your wedding day. Your dress, accessories, and styling must be the reflection of your style. Sure, the tiaras look gorgeous, but if you are not comfortable wearing one, drop it. If you like wearing studs, and avoid big, chandelier style earrings, be it. Wear what you prefer on yourself. If you are not happy with your accessories, then no matter how beautiful they are, they won’t look good. And eventually, you’ll not feel like yourself. To be Yourself, and be happily confident about everything, pick your style. Just have fun while shopping for your wedding day.

women wearing body shapers

Body shapers do the magic to your body in bringing out the sleeker and smoother shape of your body. The beauty of body shaper is that it smooth out all the bumps on your body and gives you a toned up way of any of your particular body part. It doesn’t matter if you are not feeling good about your bulging figure or thick thighs, the key is to wear an entirely fitting Australian shapewear to shape up that body part. It’ll magically tone up your body and push in that extra piece of fat into the corners of your body. Shapewear is like a secret hideout of every woman which she uses to get fit into any dress she likes, and to feel beautiful as she looks beautiful. And there is nothing wrong in doing so, as it not only gives you a perfect look but also boost up your inner confidence.

The most important thing is the selection of appropriate body shaper according to your body shape, your body requirements and the type of dress you want to wear. It is not wise to shop whatever look beautiful to your eyes, rather choose what kind of shapewear will excellently enhance the curves of your body. It certainly is not advisable to wear anything that doesn’t suit you, as eventually, you’ll not feel comfortable and safe in it. Bottom-line is, giving your body a toned up and sleeker appearance is the primary purpose of wearing a body shaper, so better choose it as per your body requirements and body type, so that it will beautifully enhance your remarkable features and help you look gorgeous and attractive.

Types of Shapewear and the Best Shaper for Your Body Type

You’ll get to choose from so many choices in body shapers. Well depending upon your specific requirement, you can have many options, you just name it and have it. Many women prefer to tone up their whole body from top to bottom, including arm muscles, upper body, waist, stomach, and thighs. If that is the case, then a full bodysuit is the best option to go for. Following are the most popular and appropriate body shapers listed, along with a guide according to your body type. Because if you’ve not chosen the best-suited one as per your body type, then it’ll not going to shape up your body as it should.


white body suit

Bodysuits have all the ingredients of gorgeous looks and beautiful body shape in a single piece. If you want to uplift your bosom, create a sleeker silhouette, smooth out the bulging stomach and make your butts attain a perfect round shape, then you got one and the only solution, Wear a Bodysuit underneath your dress, and you are ready to go.

The bodysuit is suitable for hourglass shaped body type. It gives an overall smooth look with trimmed waist and shapes up the lower half of the body.

Women with apple-shaped body type have bigger chest line then hips, and chubby arms. So with no best-defined waist, you can wear a bodysuit of your size as it will flatten your upper body portion and enhance your hipline.

Shaping Camisoles

To flatten your stomach and support your breasts, camisole shapers are the perfect solution. These camisoles are extremely comfortable to carry all day long and are the best to wear underneath a flared dresses, as it gives a constricted shape to an upper portion and a loose bottom.

Shaping Camisoles include high waist wrap full figure control briefs, lift camisoles, and slimming camisoles. With banana shaped body type, you’d like to clinch your waist to define your whole number. For that reason, shop some shaping camisoles and make them a permanent resident of your wardrobe. For women with a perfect apple shaped body type, shaping tops are the magical tools, as camisoles tone up the stomach fat and perfectly shape the belly with a smoother waist, and bust.

Control Briefs

black hipster lace

Boy shorts or control briefs are perfect to give an ever popular round shape to your bums with a proper uplift. Control briefs offer super firm support to the body. These are just the right choice to give a medium support to your stomach while slimming your thighs and shaping up the bums.

There are numerous designs and shapes are available in the market for control briefs, while all are covering the primary purpose. Explore high waist tights, firm control boy shorts, and thigh smoother from different brands and choose according to your requirements.

High waist control briefs are the best suited for apple shaped body type. It amazingly enhances your beautiful features by slimming your waist, abs, and hips. With hourglass body shape you can beautify your curves with a full figure high waist panty.

Waistline Cinchers

waist cinchers


If you want to give a little bit extra curve and defined look to your waist, then the waist cinchers are the best body shapers to squeeze out your muscles and present you a flat stomach with a beautiful waist.

Waist cinchers are the best suited for hourglass body shape. With hourglass body shape, you don’t have anything to worry about. Just wear something that enhances your already beautiful features. And if you have a pear-shaped body, then there is no need to do anything about your upper body and just shape up your waist with this magical waist cincher, and you are ready to go.

Arm Shapers

arm shapers

Well, the general perception is that the body shapers are only used to shape up the bulging tummy fat, curve out the waist or tone up the thighs. But among all these, arm shapers are also available in the market. This body shaper covers your upper back, and you wear it like a long sleeve. Arm Shaper helps you to stretch out your shoulders in more confident body posture. It is the best to wear underneath long sleeves dresses.

Women with apple-shaped body type may sometimes have a chubby arm, as their upper body portion is recognisably bigger than their hips. So you might want to give an appropriate smooth look to your arms along with the whole body.