sitting bridal with bouquet

A unique bridal gown that potentially becomes the talk of the town is the dream of nearly every woman under the sun. This is pretty much understandable too since that is the dress which would virtually immortalize her through albums and pictures for ages to come and possibly be critiqued by her grandchildren or even great-grandchildren several decades after she has made her choice! So, how does one go about the task of choosing this very special timeless piece of apparel? In today’s digital world one thing that is available in plenty and free of cost is advice. The Plethora of ‘how to’, guides, ‘bridal tips’ and so forth only add to the confusion. Therefore, here are some valuable tips that are designed to help you avoid the usual pitfalls.

1. Take things you see on the TV screen with a pinch of salt

People who create the TV shows with an eye on marketing always have their own ways to exaggerate and touch upon your emotions. So, they show you the dream dress repeatedly and ultimately when you find an exact copy in your choice boutique, you hug your mom, weep or cry because the angels are singing and heavens about to open up. But, conversely, if you just find that very dress without all those prompts, it is an ordinary event sans all the tears. While there can be no argument whatsoever that you should have your wedding dress the way you have always dreamt, you can cut out all the prompts that explode in your brain.

2. Invest in quality time

Buying your wedding dress is an important decision and planning things adequately ahead of the wedding schedule is the best way to make sure that you get value for money and you love what you ultimately choose. Take time trying out multiple options, drive around for some window shopping, visit all boutiques and showrooms that you can to expand your options and take a cool and well-informed decision. Moreover, you can go for celebrated designer wear like Jason Grech wedding dresses to look for the perfect collection. This way, you are assuring yourself of the best wedding dress and at the same time saving a minimum of 10% that should possibly cover the taxes.

Also, remember that bridal collections keep changing in style and design nearly every six months. Therefore, if you do your shopping a bit too early, on the big day, you may have some regrets. At the same time, given the special tag attached to wedding dresses, it takes several weeks between the order and delivery. Typically, some wedding dresses get delivered 4 to 6 months after you have placed an order.

3. Sit through the trial runs

Most women do the colossal mistake of only standing when they are trying the fit out of bridal dresses. Often times, when you are getting the fit outdone, you are asked to stand on the podium, smile and imagine that you are wearing the particular gown. But, it is important that you actually sit in the chosen dress and get a feel since you will be sitting for most of the time on the big day and you certainly don’t want any surprises with the bridal dress. Any dress should be comfortable in all body positions and that is even more important when it is your bridal dress. Think of the many times you need to slip into your shoes and out of it, kneel a couple of times and all that on the big day.

4. Remember the photographs

Many fabrics used in making your wedding dress look great when you are looking at them with your naked eyes in the sunlight. But, when the same dress shows in photographs, the lights hitting the dress can potentially cause the dress to look wrinkled. These photographs obviously have a pretty long life cycle, and therefore it is obvious that you won’t want anything less than the best. The best way to avoid this situation is to take several pictures in your chosen dress and make sure that you have desirable photographs too in your dream dress. Better still, have some friends or members of the family take a close look at the photographs too so that you have a fair understanding of your body shows in the photographs. Many women like some parts of the body to be in focus while keeping some parts away from focus. Consider if your chosen bridal answers these needs too.

5. Spare a thought for your Fiancé

Agreed that your wedding dress is an intimately personal decision and you should always have the final word about it. But then, it is your wedding and your husband to-be is equally important on the big day and thereafter. Remember that men are more fascinated by how their girl looks in a given outfit and they are much less concerned about ‘cute’ or ‘trendy’. After all, your looks are paramount for him too on the big day.
In choosing your wedding dress, fashion is no doubt important, but the fit comes first. And, finally, it is not the labels that matter most, but the love that does.

6. Work with an open budget

Wedding budgets are always important and for most people, every dollar counts. There are several expenses lined up post your wedding and debtors keeping your phones ringing all the time is not the best way to start a new life together. If you go after famous labels for your wedding dress, you are most probably paying for the dress as well as the brand’s reputation which generally goes on 50:50 ratio. The digital world is the best place to examine multiple options before you take the final call. Speak to as many people as you can and understand how you can stretch your dollar to the hilt.